Monday, December 26


state 2 with chine collé
I'm getting ready to go out of state for a week, so--busy as always. But a few people requested a look at the print on the skirt, so here it is. This one is on paper (obviously) and has chine collé, which is an easy way of adding color to a print without worrying too much about registration.

The shop is closed for shipping right now, so any orders that come in will go out on the 4th of January, when I get home. That day I'll also be updating the shop with all kinds of new things, including prints like the one above.

Happy New Year!


Saturday, December 24


Thursday, December 22

second skirt for printmaking ballet

handprinted synthetic with cotton and vintage synthetic underlayers
vintage ribbon tie, hidden back zipper; 26" waist

This is 1/3 of what's been keeping me busy and out of my sewing room lately: another skirt of the printmaking ballet. Another printmaker and I performed a sketch of it (no pun intended) on Tuesday, which went well execept for one part where, um, the tympan was a bit off the stone and I set the running marks wrong. But nothing broke, so all's well that ends well, and I got an A, so all's excellent, as far as I'm concerned.

I'm proud of this skirt for several reasons: first, I made it, start to finish, including printing the fabric, in four hours. FOUR HOURS. Second, I made it completely without a pattern (which is just the way I work; I make my own patterns if I need them). Third, it not only has a hidden zipper (which I learned to do this summer), it has a hidden zipper AND A LINING. The lining itself is quite pretty. I should have gotten a photo.

The two skirts will be in my shop and then at the Design Collective (see sidebar for URLs) after New Year's.


I also pulled a bunch of etchings and did some chine collé experiments with litho. Those will be around once I have the energy to take pictures.

Tuesday, December 20


mitten ornaments

I just had my last final today at 8 a.m., and now all that remains is grading, which I'm planning to do tomorrow during the day. Christmas shopping tonight. I made these at my parents' house the other night when I went over there to help them decorate the tree. My brother and I also made a huge long paper chain to hang on my tree (fig. 2).


A kid in the printshop was getting rid of some proofs on good paper, so I tore them down and made little strips of them. And now they are on my tree.

Saturday, December 17

How to make a print (intaglio)

ink, knives, tarlatan-------------grinding ink------------

carding ink---------------- wiping plate--dirty tarlatan-------------

paper wiping-------------workspace

plate on press-------------first peek-------------

finished prints on racks------------------ cleanup

(So this is another thing that's really kept me busy the last few days--I'll be pulling litho[graph]s on Monday and maybe I'll document that, too. It is my favorite print medium, lithography.)

Friday, December 16

room with a view

When I looked out of the window of the place I was living in Venice, this is half of what I saw. The woman who ran this fruit stand was always crabby and, because this campo is a passageway for tourists on their way to San Marco, the fruit was overpriced. Two euro for a peach!

The last day I was there, it rained from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I haven't had a lot of time for making things--and my workroom is in an uproar--so that's why I'm putting up photos of maybe-dull things, like a rainy day in Venice and my dinner.

Wednesday, December 14


Curry for dinner Monday night. And should have had it for lunch today but I am feeling kind of off my feed. One of those weird winter things. Didn't put in enough curry paste, so it was a little bland. When I reheat it, I'll add salt + paste. Two small cans of coconut milk, one of water. Next time, I'll cook the potatos first. I sautéd the other vegetable (onions, broccoli, peppers, peapods) in olive oil before adding them.

Trying to cook at home more, which can be hard on my grad-school schedule. Tonight's dinner, significantly less glamorous: cottage cheese, bean burrito, pickled jalapeños, two clementines, raw broccoli.


Five inches of snow and counting: winter weather alert all night last night, all day today, and into tomorrow. Finally, a winter that looks like a winter here! It's been about six years since we've had snow like this this early.

Inside: cleaning, making bed with clean sheets, figuring out alpaca, rearranging workroom, dishwashing, writing poems, music music music, wishing for a piano, preparing applications.

Above: carrot pincushion.

To you: happy day.

Tuesday, December 13

my kitchen at night

It's nice to have time (strange, thought, at this point in the semester) to actually cook and sit down to eat. I made red curry and rice for dinner last night. This is my kitchen--at least the clean part.

Monday, December 12

fruit, trims, trades

Bits of package fruit and flowers I've been gathering up. Was going to use them for packaging services at the No-Coast, but it was too busy to wrap in anything other than newsprint. I just like the old fake fruit and flowers people would put on hats and presents. My mom thinks it is weird.
This is a tiny sweater ornament from Blair--traded for two little apple ornaments. I love the snowman! I will most likely get a tree this week (well, provided I can clean up my house in time) and I'm looking forward to putting it up. Just a little one this year--my apartment is too small (and the landlords too strict) for a big one.

Sunday, December 11

kokeshi + fiber

Some of the new ones, with flowers on their heads and a loop of cord for hanging.

Haven't really had much time to be making--which is just as well, as all the craftywork was getting to be a stress, rather than a pleasure, at the end--except in the printshop, where my (overly ambitious?) final project is due in about a week. Of course I haven't gone in all weekend--went Christmas shopping with a brother yesterday, today is Millerville. Ah, well.

Shop closes 12/15/05 and reopens 1/4/06. At that point, new things will abound. I'm already developing my spring line, but winter things are on deck--think sparkle, fuzz, vintage paper...

Oh, and things made from this:

From Lisa (shop and flickr). It is the most beautiful roving and yarn ever. So soft, so fine. I cannot wait to knit with the yarn (or even wind it!) and make felt of the fleece. Thank you, Lisa!!!!

Tuesday, December 6

site update

I've updated the site--new look, new shop, new links, new information--
and things are flying startlingly rapidly off the shelves.

The shop will close on Wednesday 12/15/05,
and will remain closed until Tuesday 1/3/06.

Orders received during that time will be processed upon reopening.

Thank you for your business!

Sunday, December 4

2679 the final count for attendence at the No-Coast yesterday. It was amazing: at about 8:55 the room flooded and it was packed all day. Literally. People couldn't move quickly for the sheer numbers. The planning committee had hoped for 750-1000, with 500 as the "okay, we're happy with this" number.

There were only two times when I had no customers, and they lasted approximately 30-60 seconds. Otherwise there tended to be 8-12 people at the booth at all times. I was expecting something like the MCBA sale--which, while profitable, is not crammed. I can usually get work done there.

Well, yesterday I didn't even have time to restock things as they sold out. I had to call my mom and get her to come help.

Thanks to all of you who showed up!

Thursday, December 1

happy apples

Little vintage apples. I drew faces on them, added ribbon, flowers, bells & hooks (ha! bell hooks!) and now they are ornaments for the No-Coast. I am just finishing everything up now.