Monday, May 14

* * *

A worktable in my room (but I can't wait until I have a whole room to work in!); skirts cut and serged, just waiting for zippers and finishing; plain wooden boxes with glass fronts; a sharp pair of scissors. New drawings, the extension of my "what-am-I-wearing, what-do-I-think" series. Beginnings of a real, new body of work.

Ideas for poems. (I read at First Ave. last Friday night. Local people will know the feeling of those black walls, the stars with names on them.) Encouragement and excitement from my editors. Starting the poem-a-day correspondence back up on the 17th. Poetry every week this summer.

Planning for six markets this summer, and +/-. And a change of direction for my shop, and my business. More on this soon.

And for me. More on this soon, too.

But a smaller change in direction, first--I'm moving over here. (More integrated. Simpler. Reining things in a bit.)

Come say hello. It's a little empty, but you know me--I''ll fill it up fast with pretty things.

Wednesday, May 2

little things

are nice to come back to, like stores that stay open between noon and two p.m., and lots of trees and green spaces in the city, and efficient public transportation, and only one or two hours of time-zone difference between my best friends and me (instead of eight or nine).

and reconnecting with friends here.

and to jump right in (I did the Craftstravaganza last Saturday, and I'm reading at the 7th Street Entry on the 11th!).
and I hear that a certain printmaker is updating his shop today (oh! and there's free shipping 'til Friday!) with new cards (and he's got a show coming up, too, if you're in the Twin Cities).
and now back to the sewing machine with me.