Monday, December 12

fruit, trims, trades

Bits of package fruit and flowers I've been gathering up. Was going to use them for packaging services at the No-Coast, but it was too busy to wrap in anything other than newsprint. I just like the old fake fruit and flowers people would put on hats and presents. My mom thinks it is weird.
This is a tiny sweater ornament from Blair--traded for two little apple ornaments. I love the snowman! I will most likely get a tree this week (well, provided I can clean up my house in time) and I'm looking forward to putting it up. Just a little one this year--my apartment is too small (and the landlords too strict) for a big one.


Anonymous blair said...

I'm so glad you got the snowman sweater, he was definitely fun to make. Enjoy! (We are already enjoying our cute little apples!)

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Amanda Woodward said...

oh that is SUCH a cute little sweater, now I want to make a bunch of weird little mini sweaters & decorate them all cutelike! I really like all your fruits, I remember having a bunch of them around my grandparents house as a kid & I would always do little watercolors of them

5:45 PM  

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