Sunday, December 11

kokeshi + fiber

Some of the new ones, with flowers on their heads and a loop of cord for hanging.

Haven't really had much time to be making--which is just as well, as all the craftywork was getting to be a stress, rather than a pleasure, at the end--except in the printshop, where my (overly ambitious?) final project is due in about a week. Of course I haven't gone in all weekend--went Christmas shopping with a brother yesterday, today is Millerville. Ah, well.

Shop closes 12/15/05 and reopens 1/4/06. At that point, new things will abound. I'm already developing my spring line, but winter things are on deck--think sparkle, fuzz, vintage paper...

Oh, and things made from this:

From Lisa (shop and flickr). It is the most beautiful roving and yarn ever. So soft, so fine. I cannot wait to knit with the yarn (or even wind it!) and make felt of the fleece. Thank you, Lisa!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you about the stress -this week filling orders, I kept having to remind myself that it IS fun.
The roving is beautiful - I can't wait to see what you make w/ it. I just got some wonderful grey alpaca roving. I just like petting it:)

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The roving looks so pretty in a swirl on your windowsill!

I'll keep thinking sparkle while I anxiously look forward to spying all the new shop things on January 4th :)


8:34 AM  

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