Tuesday, January 17

oh, mail!

So Toni and I did a swap for a piece of fabric she had--and I got the box she sent today! (Mine is somewhere between here + her.) I knew she was sending some little treats with the fabric, but I could never have anticipated the sweetness I found inside! It was a kind of long, grey, snowy day for me here, and the first day back at school, so I saved this until after I'd done some work--prep for teaching, phone calls--and then opened it (before I'd quiiite finished all my chores). How did you know I was needing some bright yellows, some lively greens? (And chocolate, too!) Thank you so much, Toni. (And you can see what she did with the fabric here--just scroll down a bit.)
thanks again, Toni!


Blogger Toni said...

Yay for swaps! Yay for new friends! :)

6:24 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

Hi again!
Just wanted to let you know I got your package last night!! Love it to pieces!! I'm posting about it now...

3:17 PM  

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