Wednesday, January 11


st. francis of assisi; st. therese of lisieux

I have a special affinity for these two saints. Francis is my patron (born on his feast day) and Thérèse's philosophy matches pretty evenly with mine in a lot of ways. Even though I don't tend to like the name Therese/Teresa/Theresa/similar, I would choose this for my confirmation name because of her.

A lot of cleaning going on over here, and a new design job, and preparing to begin teaching again, and very little else, alas. People over for dinner tonight and then hopefully I'll have a chance to make the screens and print my (overdue, oh well) New Year's cards.

I want to work with wool more, soon. My brain magically taught me how to purl and now I can do all kinds of fancy things. I'm really inspired by HUTUP (also linked in the sidebar), which is a German company/artist group making felt objects, shoes, and clothing. Ironically, when I'm on break I think I do less work--the structure of school keeps me pushing ahead with new projects. Looking forward to getting back into things.


Anonymous Blair said...

That is an amazing link. I was immediately struck by the little baby things they make, the clouds, butterflies, oh my! I tend to want to work with wool right now too, must be the weather here, 23 days of practically non-stop rain.

8:44 AM  
Blogger lisa s said...

now i'm hooked on hutup too!


8:49 PM  
Anonymous christine said...

those are two of my favorite saints, too! betcha didn't think you'd ever see that comment, did you? anyway, hi. i love your style. i'll be back...

9:08 PM  

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