Thursday, July 13

as martha would say

Here are some g(G)ood t(T)hings:

1. Poems in the in-box from a dear friend. She is so talented and I really miss her--she moved recently to FarAway.

2. Packing orders in the morning, then dressing up and going to the cute-boy post office and then to visit shops and hand out my card, and then to interviews for magazines and to client meetings.

3. Breathing out after all that. In my fancy shoes, no less.

4. Two hours this afternoon, and another two tonight, talking to intelligent and talented women about arts, craft, making, craft-theory, and, you know, gossip.

5. Mentions on two sites in one day: here and here. (And here!)

6. The last of the zakkabags in the shop (and 20% off with the code 'afternoon'): here. And here:

Sorry there's no huge update tonight. I was sick this morning and I am just wiped out. The final installment tomorrow!


Blogger kati said...

Your zakka bags!!!


10:18 AM  
Blogger eireann said...



11:28 AM  
Anonymous ashb said...

wow! You and I must be like minded, you should go to my blog and see my latest bags. I got so much of my inspiration from Japanese craft books too. You must own the Machine Made Patchworks book too!
Well all I have to say is great minds think alike ;) I like that you call them your zakka bags, that is great!

10:46 PM  
Blogger eireann said...

hey, ash--

actually, I don't own any Japanese craft books at all!! Sigh. When I was making these, I just tried to think of what epitomizes Japanese style via American blogs right now. :)

11:50 AM  

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