Tuesday, February 14

I spy

I spy
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Last night I discovered that I actually like taking photos. I always try to set the product photos I take up nicely (because for me advertising does half the trick of getting me to make a purchase) but I rarely take pictures for fun or just-because. This is the top of my shelf thing on my worktable.

I have so many ideas for spring things! And I'm lucky that the woman who owns the shop I sell at really likes my things. So I'll be bringing out a whole collection there in a couple of weeks. My winter one is there now: blues, greys, golds, whites. Some of it may stay. Some I'll be bringing to this other store I discovered a few weeks ago. They are interested in carrying my clothes, too. That store is much more serious and forbidding, so I'm really pushing the quality, making sure everything is perfect.

And I am in love with Jim of The Office, just as I loved Tim of the BBC version. I am doomed to fall helplessly in love with paper merchants' office drones.

But only the sensitive ones, I think. Not so much with the Gareth/Dwight.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous christine said...

I, too, have a soft spot for Jim! He's so my type.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous blair said...

There are so many things I like about that picture. Since I started blogging I have become more interested in photography too. I notice many more details in shots that I like than I used to. Spring on its way seems to be reviving everyone's creative spirit, at least I think that's what's doing it.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Samantha said...

I love the reds in your photograph.

Looking forward to seeing your new range. I am in the process of psyching myself up to approach shops. My skills are definitely lacking in that department!

7:18 AM  
Blogger brandie said...

advertising is half the appeal for me too! i am always amazed how a wonderfully designed ad can make a beautiful thing look even more beautiful!

10:10 AM  
Blogger Milkypop said...

ooh, what is this new shop? how exciting!

10:10 PM  
Anonymous abby said...

oh..jim/tim-yeah love them, too! I love taking photos and I find with digital cameras I get the instant gratification of editing them on the spot! Excited to see more photos from you....abby

1:28 PM  

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