Wednesday, February 8

blue bunny

Look who is hiding in the cyclamen!

I made this for a friend of my mom, for a fundraiser. I love the shibori in the ears--the one on the left has a blue maple leaf, but it's obscured by the light.

Mostly working on the thesis and big projects that can't be posted--yet--right now. I am working on the secret-project-that- cannot-be-named, as well as several commissions & things for a big show (FFS: more information soon) in April (and I have the honor now of having an assistant for said show! Huzzah!). So busy, as always.

I need a few extra hours to clean my workroom. It is heading down into that level of untidiness that makes it hard to work there, so I spread out to my other room and the mess comes along for the ride. Oh dear. Doesn't help that I have 13 papers still needing grades before Friday.

Lisa, I will send you that article soon. I just copied it today. So--probably tomorrow or Friday.


Blogger lisa s said...

NO HURRY!!!!!!!

thank you so much! xo

adorable bunny!

8:30 PM  
Anonymous joy said...

love the blue bunny!

8:56 AM  

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