Monday, January 30


I want to clarify that the intent behind my post about plagiarism was not to make anyone paranoid, but to bring up my feelings about the issue and to discuss the idea of the authentic response. Thank you all for your ideas, comments, suggestions, words.

The internet is huge, and there are, as the proverb goes, a million monkeys making a million things all at once. Someone is bound to write another Twelfth Night/Henry V/Hamlet, right? But I still feel unsettled about it sometimes--about myself, too, because sometimes I feel so inundated by information and ideas that I am paralyzed, partially by worry about not being good enough/not having my own ideas, and partially by the sheer amount. Back to that old "authentic response" chestnut, I guess.

Normal posting to resume soon. No more of this serious stuff from me.

(And--the author of "The Work of Art in the Age of Manual Reproduction" is Vic Muñoz. AND, you had better jump over here and check out Cécile-Bonbon.)


Blogger lisa s said...

hi there... i personally welcome your thoughts on the subject - it's not an easy one... i hope that there is some closure/resolution for you....

LOVE the photo you posted... and DUH of course vic munoz would write something like that - i have to try and find a copy.....

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Luisa said...

It had to be someone contemporary... anyway, come deeper thoughts are ok with me.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Jane said...

I thought the essay was by Walter Benjamin (c 1936)?

4:15 PM  

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