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thérèse in venice

shrine in venice
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When I was living in Venice this summer, one of my favorite things was that everywhere I went there were tiny shrines built into the walls. People would leave flowers, candles, etc. at them, and some were very old and neglected--as a Catholic, it was a touching experience. I liked that people felt that saints were part of their daily lives and that it wasn't overblown or sentimental or manipulative.

This one is along the Grand Canal, across from the train station (Ferrovia). It was the second-to-last day of my stay in Venice and I had lost my resident transit permit (which allows residents to ride the vaporetti for 30 euros/month, rather than 5 euros/ride), so I was walking as much as possible--the guards don't usually check for the permits, but it is a large fine (200 euros, I think) if they catch you riding for free, and even though I was mistaken for Italian all the time, I am pretty sure I could count on my Italian to fail completely in the event of illegal activity--and in this case, I was walking to the COOP (a grocery store I liked to go to--the other one, BILLA, was near school but dirtier and more crowded). The day was so clear and fine--not too hot--and because it was near the train station there were many people walking around and a lot of street vendors. I came upon this shrine to St. Thérèse of Lisieux just before I crossed a tall bridge.

I have just recently begun missing Venice.


Anonymous Amanda Woodward said...

that is such a beautiful photograph. I love old iconography, it always makes me feel so proud to be Catholic..even though I'm not practicing..but still.

5:47 PM  

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