Saturday, November 5

ahh, neat piles of fabric

Spent the evening printing and then doing drawings for paintings. Also got obi cloth picked and ironed and made five zakka packets. MCBA is only 2 weeks away, and No-Coast is exactly one month from tomorrow! Oy gevalt.

I folded and arranged all my cotton and kimono fabric, too:

Made some tiny ez-cuts : a bunny, a slice of cake, a bonbon, a smiling star, a couple of birds. Secret doings with those (multiple!). Should be printing at school by next Thursday at the very latest. It feels good to get a ton done all at once.

I also cut my (right) hand all the way across the palm. When you stretch a screen and use spray adhesive and the cut the extra mesh off, the adhesive hardens the mesh on the frame. I let my slide through my hands yesterday, instead of carefully putting it down. The cut is like a really long, deep papercut. Most fun is that it reopens off & on as I use my hands.


Blogger Shell said...

Ouch! That must hurt. Neat fabric stash too - I try to be tidy but it never seems to last very long unfortunately.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mm, kimono fabric. you must know of some place other than ragstock for kimono (fabric) in mpls. every once in a while i find a treasure there, but it's pretty rare!

8:29 PM  

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