Friday, October 28


Well, on a good day, this is what my workspace looks like. Above is my drawing table, where I paint, draw, etc. Below is how my sewing table used to look; now it's turned perpendicular to the wall.

The machine on the right is an Elna; on the left (the front machine) is my Kenmore, which I got (with all its original accessories, manuals, and warranty) for $5. I have to take it to Sears yet to get it working right, but once it does I've got some people lined up for sewing lessons. (Excellent!) On the wall are a little type case my dear Z. gave me to hold (er, some of) my thread, my favorite piece of kimono cloth, and a litho I printed on fabric last semester.

I'm sick with a sinusy thing again. FUN. But yesterday I blew out my screen and sketched ideas for a project I'm working on...and today I made the positives for it. Can't wait. It's ambitious (therefore secret; no jinxes), but possible, I think. If it does work, there will be pictures here within the month.

Domani: shopping for art supplies!


Anonymous ohelene said...

I followed a link on Thimble to get here. You have a nice blog that I will have to check out. The norwegian word is "syskrin" by the way ;)

1:39 AM  

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