Monday, October 31

sewing kits, part 2

So this weekend I went on a bit of a rampage with some of my business funds: bought new fabric with gnomes and mushrooms, bought some kimono(s) and an obi, bought ink for screenprinting, new screens for the gocco, bulbs, and (splurge) a color of ink for the gocco that is called 抹茶, or 'green tea;' also some packaging things.

Then I came home & worked.

Here are two new sewing kits. I found thread scissors wholesale and bought some for inclusion in half the sewing kits (will make them a bit pricier, but I think it's a good move). The one on the left uses that gnome/mushroom fabric. On the right, the outside fabric is one from A. Henry, with stylized animals in pastel colors on a green background. I have it in blues/greens as well (on a white background).

  • wash kimono + obi
  • get PRIDE & PREJUDICE and watch while frogging sweater etc?
  • finish cleaning apartment
  • make some more cards? (made a bunch last night)
And! I've recently found out I have two contacts in Japan who are willing to get crafty books and supplies for me, so that's exciting, too!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

need some sweater-frogging, cf-drooling, p-&-p-watching help? :) like the placement of the gnome on the first one -- v. sweet.

12:34 PM  

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