Wednesday, November 2

うさぎ (bunny)

“うさぎ”は"bunny"っていう意味があります。 "Usagi" means "bunny."

I kind of like this bilingual thing. Some words (including, believe it or not, 'bunny') come more easily in other languages than English. I like using Japanese a lot for the visual effect as well.

He's about 1.5 inches long, and, although it's not really visible here, the insides of his ears are pale pink. He's frisking about on a scrap of vintage cotton from a child's obi.

Monday I undid all the kimono I bought, washed them, folded the fabric, and reordered all my fabric on the shelves. I have been thinking about selling some kimono fabric in my shop (besides packets of mixed pieces for kanzashi and small zakka), but I'm not sure how that would go over.

I did find a couple of really sweet kimono and an obi with all kinds of kanoko shibori (hand- and machine-done); the former in red, green, and brown, and the latter in oranges, peaches, creamy white, and red, with some silver embroidery. Can't wait to iron the fabric & put it to use!


Blogger Shell said...

Awww, that bunny is so sweet. What a delightful site you have! And what beautiful items you make! Stumbled across you whilst browsing, and am very glad I did!

7:45 PM  

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