Thursday, November 3


This is a Japanese site with some sweet examples of amigurumi. You can click on Volume 9 and then on the テーマ作品コンテスト link to see some examples.

編み針 or 編み棒 (amibari; amibou) means 'knitting needle'
編み目 means 'stitch' (amime)

編みぐるみmeans 'knit together.'
編む is the verb 'to knit' (amu)
ぐるみ means '-wide' or 'together' or 'whole' (家族ぐるみ-->whole family)

And here is Clover's USA site. They sell all kinds of notions and things.

Annnd, one more: check out these felt foods (this isn't the same link that's been floating around).  And these!

(I've noticed a recent interest in ez-cut/linocuts/printing/making stamps, so if you're into that you have to check out this link.)


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