Monday, October 24

sewing kits

I made a sewing kit as an experiment and to test my spacial skills (you know, like on the PSAT), and the prototype came out so well I made another. I think I'll aim for ten of these. Between the two shows they should sell. The little tins will have more beads in them, and I might include a card of vintage buttons. Not sure about that one yet, though. Lots up my sleeve. Can't spill all the secrets just yet.

Went to Savers with my mom, dad, and brother today to drop a bunch of things off and got a lambswool-angora sweater in variegated blue-white. Frogged the sleeves tonight + balled one for immediate use. T'other is hanging in the bathroom to see whether the kinks will steam out of it eventually.

In other news:
  • idea about the dream-rabbit (and a felted black cashmere-wool sweater for it)
  • made tons (!) of labels, business cards, and tags on the GOCCO tonight
My mom's tags/b.c. are so cute. We both made sew-in labels, too, although I think hers came out better than mine. We each ended up with probably 60-75 business cards (which can be used for tags) and the same number of labels. I'm going to do some more b.c. tomorrow, too.


Blogger sarah said...

hello...i just wanted to thank-you so much for stopping by...your sewing kits look beautiful...

1:38 AM  
Anonymous risa said...

these are gorgeous! you past the spacial test with flying colors. :)

1:52 PM  
Anonymous jackie said...

i found you through bella dia's link. You make some beautiful things. I love the bunny so cute. That is a great idea for the ribbon. I will definetely have to make one.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Cassi said...

Your sewing kits are great! I think they'll do really well at your shows :)

3:01 PM  

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