Wednesday, December 6

* * *

Sometimes I just feel like this.

Beauty for the moment:: Atmosphere's Slug singing "Always Coming Back Home to You." The album Lovers Rock by Sade. Chrysanthemums, which always feel solemn to me. Vienna Teng: "Harbor" (makes me feel like late May, 2004). A letter in the mail with a Robert Lowell quotation on the back. Care package with lychee gummies and an Advent wreath. Mysterious, Griffin-and-Sabine-esque postcards. Stars in the sky above my courtyard.

* * *

They found the family who were lost in Oregon, but the dad, James Kim, didn't make it.


Anonymous lisa said...

i am loving your drawings so much. and thank you for all your kindness and well wishes through the Kim ordeal. you are an angel, i am starting to think...i'm sending you another package soon...htt

5:36 PM  

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