Tuesday, November 29

ポンflower comb

Very large hair ornament, now residing comfortably at the Design Collective.

I've been really pushing it the past two days--after our last planning meeting for the No-Coast, I was inspired (er, by the fabric I bought) to go home and make some more sewing kits. So I got home, ate a bit of lunch, and then set to cutting. Well, all of a sudden I had 12 kits ready to go.

So that consumed all of yesterday evening (until early morning hours) and part of today, but they're 90% complete now. I should have taken photos of the kits in progress, because I was a machine--just one after another. They're really pretty--all good-quality cottons, bright colors.

I also made some tape measures, a whole ton of fancy pomflowers, more cards, and a few more ornaments. All this--and I rearranged my house! If I had whole weeks off of work + school more often, just imagine what would happen.


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