Tuesday, November 15


I began this skirt at 11:30 last night and finished it at 1:45. No pattern. The top layer is acetate or nylon I think ("unidentified fiber content" and I was too tired to do a burn test) and the bottom layer and waistband are a silk-linen blend. This is for critique in printmaking class today. I printed lithographs on the light fabric. I'm planning to use my stamps to print on the darker layer as well but haven't done it yet (the only colors of ink I have at home [where I got the idea] are red and tint base). There is machine embroidery on the waistband, and the puffs are hand-gathered. Three snap closures. It's part of my conceptual project for class, which is going to be a lithography ballet. I've been thinking about that since last year (how the two things are similar) and so now I'm making costumes for it. Not that it will ever take place, but making the clothes is fun. I imagine this will end up in the Design Collective eventually.


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