Monday, November 14

my great mom

My mom came over after work today and helped me put tags on everything: necklets, purses, sewing kits, the pomflowers pictured above. She also bagged all my cards, which is a task I hate to do, so that was great, and sewed some pins onto other pomflowers, likewise.

I just got done doing ads for the No-Coast, and now I have to make a skirt for critique tomorrow. It's hand-printed fabric, and if it turns out I might post it here.


And on stamps:

Elizabeth--you can use white erasers to cut into stamps; otherwise there are several kinds of soft matrices you can buy, but they can be a little dear.

I use oil-based ink from Graphic Chemical Company, a Speedball brayer, and a glass slab. Pfifer to clean up.


Blogger elizabeth said...

thanks for the info about the stamps. that is what i ended up buying! so i am going to give it a whirl on sunday.

wish me luck :)

12:27 PM  

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