Tuesday, October 18

the misses

here are my lovely mannequins! I got them for an absolute song from a bridal shop that is changing its image. They're old, heavy ones with tiny casters on their 'feet,' so they're easy to move. I love their little knobbies. The owner said that the fabric is the original fabric, but I have my doubts. The one on the right has a metal cage that extends from beneath her body.

& & & they are modeling two of the stoles I made last night--both lined in kimono fabric (turned out to show detail: the brown is silk; the pink, synthetic blend). Fairly easy to make, and they look really luxe. I made them larger than my own shoulders so other people can actually wear them!


Anonymous Linda said...

Those are quite the find. I've been looking for a mannequin for forever.

Enjoying your blog!

10:48 AM  
Blogger eireann said...

thank you! i'm glad you enjoy it.

i'm thinking of selling one; if/when i do, information will be posted here.


12:37 AM  

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