Thursday, August 17

rainy days and Thursdays

It's perfect conditions for working here: misting rain, good music, food in the fridge, new fabric, lots of ideas, and a visit from a good friend. So--no more talk, back to the sewing machine. Here's what I'm working on:
New bag design in linen and Japanese cotton. Inside pockets, ribbon ties. Two down, one to go. Oh, and look what I found! (I especially love the Eiffel Tower one, even if the counting words are inaccurate.)
Tomorrow: something I love, something exciting.


Anonymous Sarah said...

oh where is that cute cute trim from?

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Sweet Lord, that trim is fabulous! I love the diamond fabric on the bag as well.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous kristin said...

yes!! where did you find that adorable trim? and, another great bag...

5:09 PM  
Anonymous blair said... sweet...misting rain and inspiration to sew....please pass to me!

7:58 PM  
Blogger Hari said...


actually, it's not so much fabric for the price, but I picked out the best stuff that I thought you'd like... picture coming soon, and i will ship it out to you on tuesday.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous tiel said...

The fabric on that bag is really nice..and the bag too.

5:02 AM  

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