Monday, September 11

good things

child's coat by UNIFORM Studio: simple, elegant, wearable, durable, beautiful, whimsical...and the cap looks like an acorn. I'm loving brown so much right now. If I had a little girl, I'd buy her this coat. Check out more of Martha's accomplished designs here and here.

'fancy' quilt from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Makes me wish I had the patience for things like quilting and applique. From the early 1800s, but so fresh to me: the colors, the symbols. I want to make a skirt that does what this quilt does in terms of spring.
mikan bracelet by Bellaceti: I've loved this bracelet since I first saw it, lo these 365 days+ ago. I love that it's called 'mikan,' I love the orange beads that actually LOOK like mandarin oranges, I love the styling of this photo. Actually, I love everything on this site, including the Lupe earrings, which I just bought.

Brian saying my new haircut is "jolie."
But he says it more like "JOE-lee," with a funny, singsongy, falling accent. Very cute.
Anishinaabe bandolier bags from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: I don't think I even need to qualify this. Except maybe to say that these are beaded? With tiny glass seed beads? Yes. Amazing.
Jupon from Modern Child: I love this skirt. I love the ruffle, the ruching via drawstrings, the colors, the (what I imagine to be) French quality of it. I'm working on one like it for me (don't laugh! I do NOT look like a milkmaid in it!) in yellow and grey. I just need a fabric for the outer ruffle still. My fall style is so exactly to my tastes this year--I mean, I really feel at home in it, and maybe that's because I've made/I am making so much of it. More to come on this soon--just need to find time and someone to take photos. LOTS of ideas!

I'm also loving the Japanese fabric section at Crafty Planet online (you know--they ship internationally! and they're local and independent, and the owners are super!). They do have some Japanese trims in stock in the store--not sure if those are up yet.


And hey! if you're in the Twin Cities area, check out +/-, a trunk show I'm part of this Thursday! (And--if you have any favorite shopping or looking links, I would love to know them. I've got money to spend and I really want to spend it with independent makers and designers. I'm looking for high-quality clothes and jewelry. Maybe a shoulderbag big enough to carry my computer (12") and books and notebooks, too. Bring on the links!)

Oh, and one more thing--have you seen the new boiled art website yet?

Okay, I'm done for real.
More on poetry later this week.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Do you ever have the experience of "discovering" something and then reading about your discovery the next day on one of your favorite blogs? That very thing has been happening to me so often lately that it's a little unnerving.

I was just yesterday looking at that very coat and hat on the Uniform Shop's website/Flickr stream. I seriously need to advance my sewing skills so that I can make things like that. I'm years away but a gal can dream of things to come.

10:59 PM  
Blogger molly said...

all so beautiful...thanks for introducing me to uniform, too....and lovely, lovely little haircut!!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

oui! tres jolie indeed! thank you for all of the lovely sights and links.

As to shopping, I love Wendy's jewelry at:
She is local (to me), and independent (I first encountered her at a trunk show) and everything I buy from her online is always even more beautiful than I expected in person.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous martha said...

I LOVE your new haircut -I was wondering as I saw your hair on flickr...
Take a look at my friend karen's jewelry:
Kind of high end, but gorgeous.
She sells locally at the Walker Art center gift shop and Gallery 360.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous hildy said...

i think your new hair cut is very very french! you'll look amazing in those gorgeous lupe earrings and your new ruched & ruffled skirt. wish i was i was able to visit the twin cities to meet you and check out your trunk sale. thanks for sharing all the good things. you have excellent taste!

11:48 PM  
Blogger stephanie said...

ooh, your hair is tres jolie and tres amelie. wonderful things to look at here - thank you.

11:52 PM  
Blogger MARYBETH said...


2:56 AM  
Blogger susan said...

that uniform shop is one beautiful collection... thank you for pointing me in that direction!
the hair cut is very very cute!

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Alicia P. said...

The poetry posts are great Eireann -- I'm just getting caught up on reading. It's all making me slow down (hard) remembering the only thing I know about poetry: you actually have to slow down for it to work. xoxo

9:30 AM  
Anonymous van said...

oh that skirt. oh dear, i could wear that all day. i now i could! with tons of layers to keep me warm for winter.
i can't get enough of it.
There's not much i can say about your hair except that i love. I've had that cut for ages and now baby Lilo supports it too - with a few curls -, it rocks!

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Alison said...

Martha does beautiful things doesn't she :)

8:10 AM  
Blogger .:soplador:. said...

el abriguito cafe esta precioso, ...yo tambien me acabo de cortar el pelo, una chasquillita muy parecida jjajaj, te queda muy bien

1:36 PM  
Blogger Veronica TM said...

I love everything you show in this post, Eireann! Thank you!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

Hi Bara!

My name is Jan and i've just started an online gallery specially dedicated to showcasing and promoting craft works from independant craft artists

Your craft designs are really lovely and it would be an honour to have you on board.

12:48 AM  

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