Friday, September 22

there should always be dancing

I have danced since I was very little: first ballet, and then when it became too much for my feet, flamenco. These days I don't dance much at all (except for the odd salsa night) and I miss it a lot. So I fixed up an old pair of shoes for dancing to wear when I presented my Spring06 collection. They are 'character' (heeled) shoes, and they are tiny--around a size 5 US. But if you know a young girl who has small feet and likes to dance or dress up, leave a comment. I'll draw a name tomorrow and send them to you.

Thank you again for all your comments. Poetry tomorrow.

EDIT: shoes to Sarah. Email me your address, please!


Anonymous alyssa said...

They are beautiful! I have a sweet little girl who would love them.

So sorry if I have posted too many times the word verification didn't seem to working.

Thank you

3:23 PM  
Blogger molly said...

I have a little four year old who LOVES to dance, but I'm afraid they wouldn't fit her for quite a few years. But wow, they're so fun! love them....I think we need a little more dancing around here, too....

3:42 PM  
Blogger Jenna said...

Love the shoes! I know just the right little girl for them too :0)

4:04 PM  
Anonymous hildy said...

yes there should always be dancing! unfortunately my sweet girls are way past size 5 but fortunately they still make time to dance! the shoes are lovely and so is your soon to be published book.

1:01 AM  
Blogger pinar said...

yes I know too..a lovely little girl .. dancing like the wind..but she has big feet. =(
happy and lucky the one who gets them..have a nice week end

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Put my girl Lola's name in your hat. She would love to have your shoes (the one's that inspired the dancing shoes I made for her). A girl can never have too many dancing shoes. Don't you agree?

Also, I wanted to say thank you for the pieces of your studio that you sent my way. The box remained unopened for awhile languishing in the piles that are slowly taking over my house. It's open now though and I'm relishing the old magazines/patterns most. All if it is lovely though.

I hope your move to France goes smoothly. I wish you a hearty Minnesotan "bon voyage!" Safe travels. Safe return.

Be well,

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Hannah said...

Those are so pretty! I wish that I could fit them, I'd love to dance around in them if I could actually dance well.

I do know someone who loves to dance who could fit them though.

1:15 AM  
Blogger Dawbis said...

oh, there's nothing better than dancing than a beautiful pair of dancing shoes! i love dancing too!

10:45 AM  
Blogger lalabaloobah said...

Yay for dress up shoes! Meija Fincke is her name and she would love those little cute shoes!! love your blog!

11:18 AM  

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